Lantek Flex3D Steelwork

CAD/CAM software system for designing, nesting and cutting parts of standard beams & profiles.

Simple and flexible design

Lantek Flex3D Steelwork provides 3D CAD/CAM design and machining of standard profiles including I, U, L, H, T and square or round tubes. Automatic and semi-automatic functions of 3D nesting software maximize material utilization and optimize CNC code with collision meshing technology, as well as safe and efficient cutting operations on many different machines, such as sawing, drilling, punching, tapping. , marking, oxygen lamp and plasma devices.

Technical features

Lantek Flex3D Steelwork is a system that includes database technology. This eliminates the need to constantly duplicate the input of information to create a beam or pipe section. The parametric technology of this system allows the user to select the base part and change the meaning accordingly. The result is complete management of various profile products and tracks that are quickly available on file.
Although Lantek Flex3D Steelwork can be a standalone product, it is maximized when integrated with Lantek Manager and Lantek Integra Management software systems ( MES/ERP). ). This integration includes functions that start at the level of quotations (jobs or projects) and continue through the execution of orders and production flow, including material requirements, reservation management, purchasing and cost control. The system has complete traceability management.

DSTV, SAT and CAM importers

Lantek Flex3D Steelwork imports data generated by leading structural steel CAD systems using DSTV, SAT and CAM files. The system converts DSTV, SAT and CAM files into a native Lantek Flex3D format that allows the user to easily apply changes. In addition, this module imports various properties of the file, such as material, quantity and thickness – all of them simplify the process of preparing for mowing.

Design options

Lantek Flex3D Steelwork not only performs basic operations such as drilling, slotting, marking and sawing, but also creates slot operations from geometry imported from the Lantek 2D module and imports file formats such as DXF. Lantek Flex3D Steelwork performs the following operations.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic drilling, threading and grooving operations along the profile (any holes and/or mesh)
  • Automatic and semi-automatic cutting operations (plasma, oxygen cutting, sawing or cutting)
  • Automatic tools for making text and contours (writing, contour marking, plasma)
  • Cutting macros that contain parametric operations and operate any 5- or 6-axis cutting head (bevel)
  • Saved processing along the beam or pipe section that holds the associated profile for easy modification.

Optimization and profiling

Lantek Flex3D Steelwork allows the user to obtain an optimized profile path and generate a CNC file for the machine.
The system is further optimized by automatically importing sections from the warehouse or calculating the delivery needs.
Lantek Flex3D Steelwork offers tools that automatically detect and manage collisions and make manual changes.
A number of relevant reports and process forms have also been created for the convenience of the user.

Simulation of cutting profiles

Lantek Flex3D Steelwork allows the user to simulate any machining operation, be it drilling, punching, shearing or threading. If the resulting simulation is acceptable to the user, Lantek Flex3D Steelwork automatically generates an NC file for the machine and the user can view this data in the same environment. As you can see from the illustrations, all processing operations and the trajectory of the laser head (plasma or oxygen laser) are simulated. If collisions are found, the user can correct them by stopping the simulation and correcting the trajectory.
The user can see all the cutting parameters during the simulation and perform zoom movements, vertical and horizontal axis positioning on the profile while viewing. During the simulation, viewing is fully interactive with options for step-by-step, forward, or rewind.

Other program products

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3D CAD/CAM software system for designing, nesting and cutting parts of tubes and pipes.
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CAD/CAM software system for automatic programming of five-axis machine tools for laser and water-jet cutting machines.
Lantek Flex3D Addins
Import native CAD drawings from popular CAD systems for the automatic unfolding of any sheet metal design in 3D. Ideal for integrating the 3D models with Lantek CAD/CAM/MES/ERP.

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