VIMERCATI VSB – Automation alongside the bending operator

The VSB (VIMERCATI Storage Bend) solution consists in the integration of the press brake with an automatic tool changer warehouse.

The VSB solution makes bending process more versatile, faster and more reliable. It eliminates the manual configuration of the machine and allows the operator to dedicate their own time and skills in preparing the bending batches. It is ideal for small, complex, and uneven batches where setup times impact the productivity of the press brake and the production cost.

Other news

The first automatic production line SALVAGNINI FMS S4+P4+MD in Kazakhstan
We are pleased to announce that in August 2023, the first automatic production line SALVAGNINI FMS S4+P4+MD will be installed in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
The new Multitool for Euromac — up to 16 tools
The new Multitool is compatible with every Euromac punching machine, it can now mount up to 16 tools to cover every punching need.

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