Euromac FLEX. The best of both worlds.

Not sure which is better: electrical or hydraulic punching Machines? Why not get the best of both?
Our range of punching machines introduces the FLEX system, which combines the power of hydraulics with the precision of the electronic control, in addition to obtaining a low electrical consumption, in fact on some machines where the FLEX system is present, only 8.5 kw are required with an average consumption of 4.5 kw in punching.

Other news

Air cleaning filter HFILTRATION in Riga
Air cleaning filter HFILTRATION was installed for a customer in Riga, Latvia, along with a Costa Levigatrici machine.
WATERJET SUPREMA waterjet cutting machine in Kazakhstan
Italian Machinery Association specialists have installed and launched a WATERJET SUPREMA water jet cutting machine in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Salvagnini S4 + P4 line – flexible manufacturing system
The S4+P4 line is one of Salvagnini's most popular solutions. It punches, shears and bends sheet metal totally automatically. The first prototype dates back to 1979 and is a landmark in the development of systems for integrated logistics. It remains the most efficient flexible manufacturing system (FMS) on the market today.

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