Wilson Tool International, the largest independent manufacturer of tooling systems for the bending, punching, stamping, tableting and additive industries celebrated 55 years in business in 2021.

Ken Wilson received his first patent in 1969 and decades of growth and expansion followed. The basement shop moved to White Bear Lake, Minnesota and now houses 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space, research & design, engineering, marketing, and an international sales desk with custom design expertise.

Through numerous acquisitions and expansions, Wilson Tool grew to include offices or plants in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy. Innovation naturally came in tandem with business expansion. From the first computer grinder patented before the company experienced significant growth, Wilson Tool went on to receive patents for the first “shimless” punch assembly; the first punch press tooling with interchangeable punch tips; forming tools that rolled on, rather than penetrated the sheet; and many, many others. To date, the company has been granted 56 patents.

Wilson Tool’s growth allowed the company to become a leader in industry progress, including lean manufacturing processes and application training. Emerging as a thought leader in the industry, lean seminars, webinars, training opportunities, and industry forums gave Wilson Tool the opportunity to connect in meaningful ways with customers.

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