Plasma NOVA is the only solution in the market that integrates multiple technologies and features to meet the most complex production requirements. In a single set-up, this machine can allow the completion of many complex operations thus optimizing the production cycle. Versatile and with a wide variety of application, it is designed to cut ferrous, stainless steel and aluminum materials. 

Particularly suitable for cutting medium to large thicknesses and high productivity needs, it can be equipped with a wide range of accessories that make of the Plasma NOVA an Hi-Tech machine. Plasma Nova structure is designed to carry out high performances, even in the most demanding tasks.

The accuracy is provided by means of the dual brushless drives on longitudinal axis with gantry control, linear guide ways and helical rack and pinion coupling. The longitudinal racks are mounted in a way that the teeth are facing down protecting them from the deposit of dust.

Particular attention has been dedicated to the protection of all the guide ways and the completion with the safety regulations, making the Plasma Nova the safest machine ever.

The frame: made from structural square profile beams, welded in only one piece and machined with the latest state to the art machining tools with only one positioning thanks to the availability of 5 x 20 m CNC Boring and Milling machine center at Soitaab facility.

The beam (Portal): made of a rigid welded structure. This element has been designed to host the different carriages with the relevant options.

Cutting table: a built in cutting table is completely stand free and is divided in sectors in order to concentrate the fume extraction only in the area interested by the cutting operation and by means of 2 lateral channels and dumpers which are automatically opened by the CNC according to the portal position. Inside the cutting table are placed scrap containers which allow an easy scrap evacuation by means of lateral extraction.

The transverse plasma carriage: CNC controlled Z axis , with Automatic height control by arc voltage (AVC). “TAG” Automatic initial positioning via plate sensing by means of the torch itself or ohmic contact when it comes to thin material sensing. Torch breakaway anti-collision magnetic device.

The CNC: S.H.M.I - Soitaab Human Machine Interface ( touch screen)for an intuitive, user friendly and self learning CNC control operations.

Working area from m 1,5 x 3 Width up to m 3 x14 Length
Z-axis stroke ( vertical ) up to 300 mm
Motors ( x, y , z ) Brushless
Driver ( x, y , z ) Digitals
Positioning speed 70 m/min
Repeatability + - 0,05 mm/m
CNC Soitaab CNC
Monitor 15” Touch Panel Screen
Data communication USB - Ethernet - LAN
Main cutting technology Plasma HPR XD or equivalent

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