It is the largest in its category, designed to meet the demand for large radii (Radius 2 and more). Thanks to its structure, it can be equipped with 1 to 4 units (or more). Thanks to its multiple configurations, it is ideal for satin finishing, deburring, edge shaving and removing scale on any type of material. This high degree of dynamism makes it FLEXIBLE and RELIABLE over time. Its useful working width can be 650, 1350 or 1650 mm (or more). Thanks to the 900 mm fixed height worktable, it can be placed in LINE with other machines or work STAND ALONE.

Main parameters

  • Number of working units – 1-4 pc.
  • Working width – 1350 mm.
  • Working thickness – 0,5-170/200 mm.
  • Work table height – 900 mm.
  • Total work table load – 500 kg.
  • Electronic controls via Touch Screen Display 15,4".
  • Tele service.
  • Internal vacuum device.
  • Feed belt inverter.
  • Brushes for panel/feed belt cleaning and double external brush unit.

Types of processing

  • Dry processing.
  • Grinding.
  • Deslagging.
  • Deburring.
  • Edge rounding up to 2 mm and more.
  • Calamine removal.
  • Surface finishing.

Wide range of working units

The machine can be equipped with a variety of working units, tailoring the EMC Rotoflex to desired manufacturing tasks. The working units include:

  • Roller Group (R).
  • Planetary 12x Longitudinal Brushes Group (12B).
  • Single-Row Oscillating Discs Group (h).
  • Double-Row Oscillating Discs Group (H).
  • Planetary Discs Group (Q).
  • Longitudinal Brush Ø200 (b).
  • Longitudinal Brush Ø150 (b).
  • Turbo rotating blowers.
  • Compact blower.
Planetary 12x Longitudinal Brushes Group (12B)

Powerful working unit that’s only available on the EMC Rotoflex machine. Performs deslagging, deburring, grinding, oxide removal and edge rounding up to 2 mm with a single pass.

Discs Group Internal
  • Single-Row Oscillating Discs Group (h).
  • Double-Row Oscillating Discs Group (H).
  • Planetary Discs Group (Q).
Longitudinal Brushes (B)

Working unit – Roller Group (R)

  • Abrasive belt length 2620 / 3250 mm.
  • Roller diameter Ø250 mm / 300 mm.
  • Motor power 18,5-22 kW.
  • Inverter for variable belt speed from 3 to 21 m/s.
Touch Screen Display 15,4", color, resistive
  • Connection: USB, RS232, Ethernet 10/100/1000.
  • Memory capacity: up to 300 working programs.
  • Automatic motor start sequence.
  • Command, programming and display of all electronic functions.
  • Report display and alarm reset (self-diagnostic) with memory records.
Tangential brushes with quick change device
  • For deslagging.
  • For oxide removal.
  • For grinding and edge rounding.
Other solutions
  • Brush for panel cleaning.
  • Brush for feed belt cleaning.
  • Magnetic band.
  • Table rollers.
  • Table extensions.
  • Compact blowers
  • Turbo rotating blowers.
  • Pendulum electronic control unit.
  • Automatic positioner.

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